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  • They’ve already been passed up by NXT stars that came after them. Sorry, but it’s time to find a new gimmick.

  • Shane Howard

    There are some real good ones here

  • Crazy they pushed Apollo so quickly. I get they have room on the roster due to the split, but if there was no clear plan (as the office says) don’t bring him up just to bring him.

  • I have to rewatch the ladies match. The opening with the big injury, then the instant heel after they already concluded she was unfit to wrestle, and then being able to wrestle for 2 hrs … the cheesiness just threw me off. Kinda tuned out after all that.

  • Shane Howard

    I gotta admit, I was worried early on.

  • rowdycmoore

    Raw is looking more and more like an episode of Dallas, pitting battles between two people that no one really wants to cheer for – especially in the current Universal Championship picture. By contrast, SmackDown is like Looney Tunes – a crazy, entertaining comedy show pitting foes where we can’t help but like both sides.

    • It goes back to that time when we had the Smackdown Six and things on Smackdown were more compelling. The show featured wrestling and just the right amount of comedy, drama, and nonsense backstage. Raw is just too long and seems like a chore most times to watch.

  • WWE has it twisted here. Also, why does every storyline have to put Lana in the middle. Rusuv should be portrayed as a beast. Shouldn’t be constantly defending his wife’s honor.

  • Ashley Morris

    Where I’m from we tend to kick TNA like a can down the road. However, I think we’re all interested in watching Apocalypto and Total Non-stop Deletion because of its sheer absurdity and simple story-telling. I wouldn’t venture to say its the greatest thing in the history of squared-circle happenings, but it is by far more interesting than a lot of things going on within TNA or other promotions that have a nationwide reach.

    • The thing about Nonstop Deletion is that it shows the greatness that is Matt Hardy. He has singlehandedly made viewers interested in this show through social media. It goes to show that the machine doesn’t always need to put a rocket behind someone and force them down our thoughts. While it may be silly, it’s much like a car wreck. You have no choice but to watch what happens within the Broken Universe.

  • This was 3 shades of crazy. I’ll need a few days to digest what I witnessed.

    • The thing with this is, for those who dig the recent Hardy stuff, they enjoyed TND. Those who don’t care for the Hardy stuff probably didn’t dig it.

  • I’m sure a lot can come to light about Cena. Had a reputation of getting with all the Divas, when he was in a relationship and when they had other relationships, and now it’s coming out he’s had a lot of issues with the boys. You can only play super saint for so long before the dirt gets revealed.

    • Sure, but it does come off slightly like here are two guys who are bitter and they are going to try to dirty the name of someone who is succeeding. Pro wrestling has always had that reputation as a political place where guys are going to look out for their own. It’s not right but it’s something known from the door, I feel. Let’s not forget the story about McMahon asking who will step up and do whatever it takes and Cena went to him and said he’ll be his guy. Clearly, Cena was ready to do whatever he needed to protect his spot.

  • Shane Howard

    The HTR rub

  • Taker showed up on the annoversary show, rooted for Team Smackdown, but I dont think he was actually announced a part of the brand. …This is even odder. Wouldnt we see both brand owners fighting for his services? Hasnt been addressed.

    • You’re right. I swore he was a SD superstar. Guess I should have done my homework. You make a good point though. He should be fought over.

  • They messed up with Jax. Should’ve found a better way to get a slick win for Banks. And we need that Banks heel turn … like yesterday.

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