Questioning Everything: Silly Rules in Professional Wrestling

Every professional wrestling fan understands there is a great bit of suspension of belief that happens when you flip on the broadcast. With that said, some of the current rules (in WWE and Impact Wrestling alike) are just plain silly. Let’s have some fun and take a look at some of the weird rules and ideology of professional wrestling.

Don’t have time for the video? Here’s the quick hits.

TV Time limits
Why do they have tv time limits for bouts that are on the network, but no time for limit bouts on tv? Specials on the WWE Network have time limits … but TV matches on USA don’t. Huh?

Magic Bell – Ashley Morris  (FB)
Ashley Morris That they must ring the bell following a post match attack as if it’s going to a) make the aggressive wrestler stop attacking their incapacitated opponent, or b) quickly alert those officials [who weren’t paying attention to the match anyway] in the back to get to the ring to break up the fracas.

Legal Ring Steps
It’s illegal to hit someone with a chair, but perfectly legal to throw them into the steps, into a barricade or through an announcers table.

Whats in a Name? – Kenton Watkins  (FB)
Why are there 32 different names for a street fight?

Kenton Watkins The fact that no DQ, street fights, no holds barred, etc, all exist as separate things.

Champion’s Advantage
Why does a champion get to keep his belt if he is counted out or is dq’d? He lost the bout. Stripped at very worst.

Music Man
Why does the music play when someone does a run in? If they have time to say, hit my music … isnt there time to get security?

No Schedules
How come nobody gets upset when matches are booked in the middle of raw. Like when 4 men have a disagreement and we “suddenly” get a tag bout. Was the card not booked ahead of time? Wouldnt you think we get a mad tweet, my match was bumped off of raw this week. Thanks Jeri-Ko.

Fire The Equipment Manager
Why are there always chairs and tables under the ring anyways. Youd think after folks getting hurt over the past 25 years theyd learn. What are they doing with all those tables and chaors anyways? Do they have church services some monday nights?

Brock TableFighting On A Budget
Why do wrestlers take the TV monitors off the tables? Do they kinda wanna hurt their opponents, but too too bad? Are they okay worth destroying the tables, but if they brake the monitors they know they’re going too far?

Closed Fist – – Kenton Watkins  (FB)
Kenton Watkins And the pretense that is the closed fist rule.

So it’s okay to knee a guy or kick him in the face … as long as you don’t ball your hand into a fist and punch him.

5 seconds to Break a Hold – Extra
How come you have to break a hold (after 5 seconds) if an opponent grabs the ropes …  but you can have some in the corner for a 10 count as you punch their face.

Magic Referee – Extra
How come a wrestler, even a cruiserweight, can take s shoulder block and get back up. But if any wrestler hits a ref with a shoulder it as though he just got shot with a cannon? He’s out cold, med staff is at the ring, a new ref is sent out?

Pin Falls Anywhere – Extra
Quinn Gammon The fact that, from a technical standpoint, you can be pinned on any flat surface, horizontal or vertical, as long as both your shoulders are held down. Referencing a hardcore match that I can’t fully remember at nearly 3 AM in which someone was pinned against a wall.

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