Pro Wrestling Timeout: 1st Ed.


Welcome to Pro Wrestling Timeout. Here, I will take a moment to call out some things I’ve seen recently that are quite perplexing. I need some clarification from someone at these companies. With that said, let’s get to it.

…is that the best we can do when it comes to Sienna and Brooke Tessmacher in TNA? The post-match fight was just so clumsy.

…all those guys who we don’t see walking out to announce their entry in the Royal Rumble, are we supposed to assume they don’t care about a WrestleMania title shot?

…TNA, do they like having the distinction of being the most clusterfuckest-gimmick-match producing company? Their Race for the Case concept was so confusing even their announcers came off clueless.

…Sami Zayn is supposed to be in the doghouse with the WWE higher ups, according to reports. I didn’t know guys with backstage heat were winning qualifying matches for the Rumble against a top star in Seth Rollins. If that’s the case, let’s all have heat backstage.

…loyalty is for the birds apparently. The Undertaker is a Smackdown drafted superstar yet he’s been on Raw twice now. To quote the great Hurricane Helms, “wassupwitthat?”

…Goldberg can’t get a closer dressing room to the Gorilla position? The guy was walking for eternity last night before coming out to the stage.

Okay, the timeout is over. Blow the whistle. Back to the game.

Update: It was pointed out that The Undertaker is actually not drafted to Smackdown or Raw. Why is he a free agent yet no one is clamoring for his services?

The artist formerly known as the Caribbean Playboy, Shane still loves the ladies of the squared circle (wassup, Ember Moon?). Much to the chagrin of the other guys, he’s also the resident TNA sympathizer.

  • Taker showed up on the annoversary show, rooted for Team Smackdown, but I dont think he was actually announced a part of the brand. …This is even odder. Wouldnt we see both brand owners fighting for his services? Hasnt been addressed.

    • You’re right. I swore he was a SD superstar. Guess I should have done my homework. You make a good point though. He should be fought over.

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